Agency – Client – Sponsor

The company name TRIDEM reflects our philosophy.

TRIDEM - most relationships in modern sports marketing take place between three parties: agency - client - sponsor.

TRIDEM - In this partnership, a respectful and transparent collaboration is a prerequisite for lasting success. The common interests always take centre stage.


At the top of the triangle

We focus our efforts on the client: sports federations, clubs, events or athletes.

Initial situation and objectives of our clients are diverse. An in-depth analysis provides clarity and forms the basis of our work. Each client holds their own key to success - which is the guiding principle to consider.

We implement the concepts and necessary actions regarding a long-term brand recognition after identifying an optimal strategic direction together with the client.


Invest in success

Sponsors often pursue the following goals: boosting both quantitative and qualitative recognition, improving brand awareness, enhancing customer relationships and increasing product appeal.

These objectives are obvious. However, lasting success can only be achieved when sport as a medium is used in the right way. In other words: additional benefits are created rather than using sports as a means to an end.

The longer the collaboration between the two parties exists, the more their identities overlap, which ultimately benefits everyone involved. At TRIDEM SPORTS, investing in success means to pursue the chosen road ahead - together as a team.


The messages to the public

The key carriers of our joint efforts are the media. Thanks to our extensive experience working with key national and international media, we maintain an excellent network of personal contacts.

Our task is to optimally place sport and sponsors in the right perspective and present the two identities in the most beneficial way.


Sharing a golden future

The vision of TRIDEM SPORTS is based on the philosophy of Mark H. McCormack, the pioneer of sports marketing. TRIDEM SPORTS-founder Christian Pirzer, who worked at Mark McCormack's IMG for 17 years, most recently as their head of European operations, has adapted and further refined many of IMG's core values and principles specifically for our company.

Confidence is the most valuable asset of our corporate culture. This includes reliability, confidentiality and transparency. These values reflect the foundation for all our business relationships.

At TRIDEM SPORTS everyone's a winner. Sharing the success results in prosperous long-term partnerships.


A success story

In 2008 Christian Pirzer founded TRIDEM SPORTS with its base in Freienbach in Switzerland.  By doing so, he realized his vision of a new, independent sports management / sports rights agency that focuses on the long-term strengthening and development of the sport through professional marketing of athletes, federations, clubs and events.

In 2009 TRIDEM SPORTS signed an exclusive contract with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to market all commercial rights of the FIS Alpine and Nordic World Ski Championships in 2011 and 2013. This contract has been extended by the EBU to also cover the FIS Alpine World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz.

Concurrently TRIDEM SPORTS developed the concept of an independent marketing company for the International Ski Federation (FIS): the FIS Marketing AG. The company was founded in 2009 and now markets all FIS advertising rights including the World Cup disciplines of Alpine skiing, ski cross, freestyle, cross country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined.

TRIDEM SPORTS signed a contract with cross-country skier Dario Cologna in 2009. A year later he won Olympic gold in Vancouver and became the most successful Swiss cross-country skier of all time. TRIDEM SPORTS handles all business affairs for Dario Cologna, so he could solely focus on cross-country skiing.

With the marketing of the Engadin Ski Marathon, another traditional event was added to the portfolio in 2013. The company maintains strong ties to the Engadine: TRIDEM SPORTS promotes not only the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017 in St. Moritz, but also the licensing programme for the brand St. Moritz on behalf of Kurverein St. Moritz.

Christian Pirzer

Christian Pirzer, born in February 1967, started his career in 1990 at Marc Biver Development (MBD) in Munich as Sales Manager Golf and Skiing. After Marc Biver MBD was sold to IMG in 1992, Pirzer was appointed Managing Director of the MBD Office in Munich in 1994.  In 1996 he left for the IMG office in Hamburg as "Sales Manager Germany" and became the youngest IMG Country Manager for Germany and Austria in May 1997. He expanded the German operations with its focus on tennis and golf by adding other relevant sports such as soccer and winter sports. In 2004, he also took over the Swiss market, to be appointed "Head of Sports & Entertainment Europe" and "Partner", after the death of Mark McCormack and the following acquisition by Ted Forstmann. In February 2008 he left IMG to venture into self-employment with the founding of TRIDEM SPORTS. 

Dominik Leu

Dominik Leu, born in 1975 in Munich, worked for the international sports management agency IMG for nine years after studying business administration in Regensburg. He began his career in 1999, first at IMG in London as Assistant European Financial Controller, before he moved to Hamburg where he was responsible for the German subsidiary of IMG as Financial Controller. In 2003 Dominik Leu was appointed to the IMG headquarters in Cleveland in the United States. There he worked as Assistant Treasurer of IMG Worldwide, Inc. for two years. He then returned to Europe as Vice President of Business Development Europe. Along with Christian Pirzer he further developed the European operations under the new owners of IMG, the private equity firm Forstmann Little, based in New York. In 2008 Dominik Leu left IMG and followed Christian Pirzer to TRIDEM SPORTS as Operational Finance Manager.